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The Junction House is located on a small site in a Heritage Conservation Area. The site is the junction between two different Victorian terrace row developments.


The brief was to create a contemporary 4 bedroom home, an involved architect and project manager client wanted the house to have a feeling of loosely connected living spaces and to create a sanctuary whilst better connecting to their community.


The house has been built to last for over 100 years, it produces and stores its own energy, is capable of almost 100% cross ventilation, yet it can also close down and employ its activated or shaded thermal mass to moderate temperature extremes.


The design has created a contemporary infill that is harmonious with the 19th century streetscape. It’s a house built to the boundaries on a small site, it is unique and highly efficient home yet it’s not really a terrace house.

Project team: Jos Tarr, Neil Mackenzie, Heidi Pronk

Builders: Technique Built

Structural Engineers : Cantilever

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