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Southridge House, Eastern Creek, NSW. 2014


Southridge House is a historic homestead built in 1860 and situated at the centre of the M7 Industrial Estate at Eastern Creek - The heritage listed building on a large site was briefed to include a neighbourhood centre offering commercial and retail space, a childcare centre and a café. The brief was to create a hub of facilities centred on the adaptive re-use of the historic Southridge House. The brief required a design to create facilities for a diversity of uses whilst fundamentally respecting the historic house its landscaped curtilage and former presentation.


The brief called for a design response that would provide between 3000 - 5000m2 of gross floor area to achieve a viable commercial development given the scale of the site and the intended uses proposed. The design of Southridge House adaptive reuse development incorporates a high standard of contemporary design and includes a respectful design philosophy to enhance the best qualities of the historic house and sites history,  elegant understated architecture to enhance contrast and compliment the historic house. 


The Southridge House adaptive reuse development is a high quality facility. The new buildings complement the historic Southridge House - the architecture is recessive elegant and urbane. The siting of new facilities and setting create spaces of high amenity in a landscaped park setting. The development has created a unique vibrant hub and centre of amenity for the M7 estate and adjacent developments.


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