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Corporate Connect Centre 185-189 ORiordan Street Mascot 2008 - 2018

The Corporate Connect Centre  @ 185-189 O'Riordan Street Mascot is a masterplanned 35,000m2 commercial development - a high quality, efficient, low maintenance, high returning, well mannered development, creating a working community with a mix of office space, retail, childcare, cafes, a gym and other services - a beneficent and neighbourly development.


The grid of streets, lot boundaries and site controls set up a base form for each of the 3 sites. A functional, efficient and well mannered architecture arises from these realities, however a series of pedestrian desire lines across the site, and an analysis of the facades as urban markers combined with an appropriate treatment to each skin according to its orientation and adjacency developed a dynamic and unique architecture. Pedestrian routes through the site gave cause to a twisting disjunction at the centre of each of the 3 blocks the form and scale of these spaces is of the urban laneway creating a series of dynamic pedestrian spaces. These spaces become the irregular and interesting communal spaces of the modern office from the ground level foyer to the informal meeting spaces hung within double height voids. These edges also allow for dynamic connections between floors and out onto raised balconies and green roofs.

Mackenzie Pronk were responsible for design and design development through to Development Approvals. MPA were retained by the clients for design input and advice during detailed design, landscape and urban design phases during construction. 


Watercolour Sketch of Masterplan
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