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SPS36 House, 2019, Manly, NSW.

The site for House SPS36 is located east of Manly Golf Links, and immediately adjacent a heritage listed pumping station (SPS 36). The site included shared boundaries with five other properties, an existing heritage listed brick fence that had to be incorporated, an existing electricity kiosk on the site and being located in a flood zone.

The challenge was to create a new dwelling respectful of the better qualities of the streetscape and the heritage item. The new dwelling has a contemporary spirit yet sits harmoniously with the adjacent heritage listed structure. The two buildings are of similar height, proportion and scale, the materials are similar yet the house is clearly of its time. The proposed design is a contemporary freestanding urban home in a landscaped setting. The design was conceived as a well mannered simple brick form – two tone face brickwork demarcates the raised ground floor level - a solid brick base transitions to mid tone face brickwork with a light weight metal clad attic style upper storey.

Detail of the fenestration enliven the facades and include a tall western window stretching over two storeys and attic style dormer windows to the upper floor. The proposed house asserts a quiet contemporary dignity, possesses a neighbourly disposition and presents as a high quality family home befitting its location.

Builder: Connery Constructions

Engineer: BVG Consultants

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