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The Cape Byron Experience

In 2013 Mackenzie Pronk Architects in association with Fisher Design and Architecture were invited to prepare concept designs for a new lookout at the Most Easterly Point of Mainland Australia. The project led to a second commission to concept design precincts, pathways and interpretive information across the whole Cape Byron Reserve. The stunning 100 hectare site holds special spiritual, cultural and historic significance for the Arakwal people of the Byron region. The historic lighthouse, spectacular natural views and iconic walking track attract over a million visitors per year and the heavy utilisation places great strain on the infrastructure. The concept designs proposed a palette of materials, a way-finding strategy and a total site concept to cater for the expected growth of visitation. The designs suggested approaches to sensitively site infrastructure, pathways, signage and lookouts in a sensitive landscape populated by visitors of all abilities moving in great numbers at different speeds and directions. The concept work identified sites for lookouts, rest spots and interpretive sites, as well as identified way-finding strategies, potential future expansion and opportunities to create accessible  experiences.






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