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Well Becoming - Robyn Backen Artist


Well Becoming was a proposal for the City of Sydney public art program for the Green Square redevelopment Old Hospital Site. Robyn's proposal continued her research into the phenomena of whispering galleries and acoustic phenomena. The work drew on the social histories of the site, uncovering narratives for a work where the human voice could be captured, transmitted and shared. The structure proposed was a reflective enclosed form made of bricks from the site re-structured so as to reflect and project recorded stories and amplify a visitors whispered conversations.


Mackenzie Pronk Architects continued our long relationship with Artist Robyn Backen having worked as her architect and assistant on several of her public artwork projects since 1998. Our working relationship is characterized by an open studio approach with rigor, laughter, robust dialogue and hours spent drawing together. We have developed, documented and overseen the construction of Robyn's work offering our complimentary skills to help realize her visions.​

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