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Promised Land 2016 Bellingen 2016


In consultation with Bellingen Shire Council, stakeholders and the community, Mackenzie Pronk Architects in association with Fisher Design created a masterplan and concept design for the Iconic Glennifer Reserves, also known as the Promised Land on the outskirts of Bellingen. Informed by the voice of the community, the Master Plan aims to capture the visitation issues, and provide sustainable design and management solutions for visitation during peak periods, guide site usage, and address adverse visitor behaviour. The masterplan included concept designs for the 4 major visitation sites along the spectacular Never Never River and included new walking trails, a suite of interpretive signage, reconfiguration of carparking and trailhead amenities. The design work had to negotiate complex land ownership issues, sensitive environmental constraints and intensify the experience and uniqueness of place.

Consultant Team:

Fisher Design + Architecture, Mackenzie Pronk Architects, Jackie Amos Landscape Architect, Keiley Hunter- Strategic Planner, and Caroline Desmond – Community Relations Consultant



Hand drawn sketch of walk
Hand drawn sketch of picnic grounds
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