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191 ORiordan Street Mascot - 2018


Designed for a major non profit organization as its pacific headquarters, the briefed spaces include a large auditoria, and spaces of public interface, a cafe, chapels and a childcare centre. The proposed development was designed to create a high quality commercial office environment presenting as a highly visible institutional building. The building was designed to sit in a Campus style setting adjacent the airport and within easy access to the city and beyond.  The building was to possess a dignified elegant disposition, an institutional character in an urban parkland. 

The building was to be designed to achieve a minimum of 4.5 Green Star environmental architecture. An inviting double height ground floor space was envisaged to suit, a cafe, chapel and a grand public front of house. Above a double podium level terminates with a childcare facility and quality outdoor terrace. Above was 4 levels of quality large floor plate commercial space.

The facade design for 191 O’Riordan will utilise a restrained and simply framed DGU curtain glazed wall. The Eastern facade is shielded with strong, deep vertical blades, the northern facades will be treated with horizontal external sunshades. The design achieves a 21st century institutional character, the building is elegant, dignified and striking yet not ostentatious. 

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